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Ticket Purchasing Policy

The purchase of tickets via the website, the telephone booking line or on site for movie performances infers that, you, the Customer, accept and agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Please consult the Ticket Purchasing Policy regularly as it can be updated and amended from time to time without notice.

Purchasing Tickets Remotely

Cinema tickets for Movies @ are sold by our online booking system at www.movies-at.ie  or via our telephone booking line 1520 880 333 (“Remote Booking Purchases”).  Such Remote Booking Purchases can be made using credit/debit cards.

A booking fee will apply to Remote Booking Purchases. This is a non-refundable surcharge which is levied for the additional service of allowing preferred seat selection in advance of a performance and the processing of debit/credit card transactions. Details of the booking fee can be found here

The online booking system requires the Customer to provide an email address and to input the cardholder’s name, card type,  card number, card expiry date and the security code on the back of the card (CVV or similar) in order to make payment.

The telephone booking system requires the Customer to input the cardholder’s card number, card expiry date and the security code on the back of the card (CVV or similar) in order to make payment for tickets.

The Customer should ensure all details of the booking are correct before confirming the purchase of their tickets.  Movies@ do not accept any responsibility for bookings that are incorrect due to error on the part of the Customer (for example incorrect time, date, number of tickets or ticket type [adult/student/senior/child] etc).

 If the Customer experiences problems with the online booking process, please call the phone number of the cinema specified on the booking page during normal working hours or email info@movies-at.ie outside of normal working hours.

Once the booking has been processed by the online system, the Customer will receive a confirmation email to the email address they have supplied with all the relevant details of their booking.

Customers who have purchased their tickets via the telephone booking system will be given a booking reference number but do not receive a confirmation email. The booking reference number should be retained by the Customer for any queries regarding the purchase or in the event that a refund needs to be obtained.

Movies@ is not responsible for a Customer selecting the wrong ticket type; ie time, date or ticket type (adult/student/senior/child etc). Customers found to be in possession of invalid tickets will be directed to a retail till where a member of the management team will refund their booking allowing them to purchase the correct tickets. The same seat selection cannot be guaranteed. Booking fees will not be refunded. Please note that refunded transactions will take 3-5 working days to return to a Customer’s account.

Gift Cards may be used to book tickets using the Remote Booking Process.  However it is not possible to use promotional vouchers to book tickets using the Remote Booking Process.

Movies @ will endeavour to ensure that the Customer is provided with the seat that was selected at the time of booking.  However, Movies @ cannot guarantee the seating allocation and reserve the right to make changes if necessary.

Collecting Tickets Purchased Remotely

Tickets can only be collected in the relevant cinema lobby area.  To collect tickets purchased by the Remote Booking Process the Customer must present and use the credit/debit card that was used to purchase the tickets. The Customer should insert the card into one of the automatic ticket collection points or they can present the card to a cinema representative at any till point.

Tickets must be collected within the first 30 minutes of the performance start time.  Tickets will not be issued after this time has elapsed.

Tickets Purchased Onsite

Tickets can be purchased onsite from a till point in the lobby area. Payment can be made either by cash or using a debit/credit card.

Tickets will be issued to the Customer at the time of purchase.  Please retain these tickets for presentation to the cinema staff for entry (and re-entry if required) to the relevant screen at the show time selected.

The Customer should ensure all details of the booking are correct before confirming purchase of their tickets.  Movies@ do not accept any responsibility for bookings that are incorrect due to error on the part of the Customer (for example incorrect time, date, number of tickets or ticket type [adult/student/senior/child] etc).

Promotional vouchers or Movies @ gift cards may be used to purchase tickets onsite at any retail till.

Movies @ will endeavour to ensure that the Customer is provided with the seat that was selected at the time of booking.  However, Movies @ cannot guarantee the seating allocation and reserve the right to make changes if necessary.



Refunds will be permitted only in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of the Manager on duty.  Refunds can be processed no later than 2 hours before commencement of the relevant screening except where:

·         An exchange of tickets can be facilitated

·         An incorrect ticket type has been purchased

In such cases the Manager on duty will ensure that the correct tickets are issued and the correct payment received.


Where a customer with a disability is accompanied by a carer providing assistance to that customer, the carer will be offered a complimentary ticket provided that:

·       The customer with the disability is purchasing an appropriate full price ticket

·       The customer and the carer are attending the same film, in the same auditorium, at the same time and the carer remains with the customer for the duration of the film.

·       The carer can provide official Photographic ID in relation to their employment as a carer or alternatively an official carer card accompanied by photo ID e.g. Driving Licence

A complimentary ticket is provided on the assumption that the carer accompanying the customer is able to provide appropriate assistance.

For this reason the presumption will be that the person accompanying the cardholder will be aged 18 years or over.

In all cases, one full price ticket must be bought for each complimentary ticket allowed.


Please note that complimentary tickets will not be available during the first 2 weeks of the release of a movie.   Movies @ presents a Special Needs Friendly Screening each Tuesday and Wednesday morning at which this restriction is lifted.  For our Special Needs Friendly Screenings please follow this link .




By entering this cinema premises, you, the Customer accept and agree to the below Terms and Conditions. Please consult our Customer Admission Policy regularly as it can be updated and amended from time to time without notice. Our Customer Admission Policy is available to view in the cinema and on our website www.movies-at.ie.

  1. Management reserves the right to:
    •  refuse admission to any person whether or not they are found to be in breach of these terms.
    • remove any person from the premises found to be in breach of these terms
  2. Prior to entering beyond the ticket checkpoint, all customers must be in possession of a valid ticket. Tickets can be purchased from our retail area, website or the telephone booking line. This ticket will be accepted as receipt of payment.
  3. Customers must retain their tickets while on the cinema premises. Tickets will be required to allow re-entry into the screen.  Movies@ staff reserve the right to request presentation of a Customer’s ticket at any time.
  4. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they enter the correct cinema screen auditorium. Auditorium numbers are printed on each ticket and at the door of each auditorium. Other details on the ticket should be noted at the conclusion of the ticket purchase: correct date, time, requested seats etc. Customers should also ensure they have been given the correct change before stepping away from the retail counter as queries subsequent to this will be impossible to verify.
  5.  In the case of an allocated seating performance, Customers should arrive before the start of the programme. The cinema will not be able to guarantee Customers their selected seats after the main feature starts. Movies @ will make every effort to accommodate late comers.  In order to avoid disturbing other Customers late comers who arrive after the main feature has started will only be allowed to enter the screen at the discretion of the Manager on duty.
  6. If requested, cinema staff will strive to provide Customers with appropriate film information. However, Movies@ Cinemas does not accept responsibility for artistic or entertainment value of the content shown.
  7. For our policy on Refunds please see the section above under Ticket Purchasing Policy.
  8. Movies@ Cinemas are required to uphold and implement the age restrictions as specified by the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO). Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with reference to IFCO or visit the IFCO website here.   In the event that a member of staff is of the opinion that a Customer does not meet the minimum age requirement and the Customer is unable to provide photographic proof that they are of the required age, Movies@ will not permit entry to that performance or film.
  9. Parents and guardians shall remain responsible for the child or children in their care whether or not the child or children are accompanied into the screen by that parent or guardian.
  10. For each Student ticket purchased a valid third level student photo ID will be required.  Valid student ID is a photo ID that has an expiry date which is later than the showing date. If valid third level student ID cannot be produced by the Customer he/she must return to a till point in the lobby area and pay the difference between a full price ticket and the student discounted ticket.
  11.  A family ticket can be purchased by groups of 2 Adults (over 15) and 2 Children (under 15) or 1 Adult (over 15) and 3 Children (under 15). Other groups not meeting these criteria will have their tickets refunded and will need to purchase appropriate tickets  accordingly. Movies@ cannot guarantee that the pre-booked seat selection will still be available in this event.  Refunds may take up to 3-5 working days to process. Booking fees will not be refunded.
  12. Customers, who, in the opinion of the Management, conduct themselves improperly while on these premises, may be requested to leave by a member of staff. No refund will be made. Customers must not engage in any conduct towards, or speak to staff or other guests in a manner which may offend, insult, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify any person on any basis whatsoever, including but not limited to race, religion, colour, ethnic origin, gender or that person's physical attributes. Whenever possible, we will seek to prosecute individuals who behave in this way on our premises.
  13. In the event that a Customer becomes abusive or unruly or who, in the opinion of the Manager on duty, acts in an inappropriate manner that Customer may be removed from the cinema and barred from entry in the future. Garda assistance may be sought in such event.
  14. Movies @ reserves the right to search Customers and their possessions before entry to and whilst on the cinema premises. Customers who refuse to co-operate with such a search will be refused entry or will be removed from the premises. Anyone found to be in possession of a weapon or illegal substances shall be refused entry or removed from the premises and the Gardai will be contacted.
  15. Movies @ reserves the right to substitute products in Combo offerings where the advertised content is currently unavailable.
  16.  Only alcohol bought on the premises can be consumed in the cinema. Licencing laws shall be strictly enforced.
  1. No illegal substances may be brought into or consumed on the premises.
  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building (including use of E-cigarettes).
  3.  Hot or cold food or drink brought in from outside of the cinema may not be consumed on the premises.
  4. Photography and audio/visual recordings are strictly prohibited in any of the screens during a performance. Customers may not bring any sound or video recording equipment into the screen auditoria.  It is a serious criminal offence to copy or attempt to copy any movie or copyright protected material shown in a screen auditorium.
  5. Use of mobile phones is not permitted in the auditoriums.
  6. Movies @ takes no responsibility for goods lost, damaged or stolen while on the premises.
  7. Movies@ Cinemas will do everything possible to ensure the show and operating times of the cinema are true to the advertisements. However due to circumstances beyond our control there may be times that a movie has to be cancelled or shown at different time. Material published by third parties containing false or misleading information relating to the timing of our screenings will not be responsibility of the Movies@ Cinemas group.
  8. In the case of a screening cancellation or evacuation which arose as a result of a situation beyond Movies @ control, Customers will be issued with a complimentary ticket.  A full refund will be issued in exceptional circumstances. Customers must present their original tickets to avail of a refund or complimentary ticket.  Movies@ will not be liable to reimburse the Customer for any expenses or other losses incurred (including but not limited to travel expenses or carparking costs).
  9. Please note: CCTV monitoring takes place within our premises for the purposes of protecting our Customers, staff and property.
  10. Movies @ and Movies @ Cinemas means Movies @ Dundrum Limited and Movies @ Swords Limited.  "The address of the Registered Office of both companies is: Unit 9-11, Building 9, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16."





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