Is it safe to use your website for online booking?
Yes, the Admit One Web Booking Engine that we use utilises 512-bit encrypted SSL (secure socket layer) technology, which is standard for all online Credit Card transactions. Integral, who process our transactions use various physical and electronic security measures to protect your personal information.
Is my personal information kept private and secure?
Yes, Movies@Cinemas is very respectful about the privacy concerns of all our customers. All the personal information you enter when registering / booking with us is kept on our secure servers and is not supplied or sold to any third party. However we sometimes need to use e-mail addresses / mobile phone numbers and other personally identifiable information to contact customers when we may be required to do so, e.g. Credit Card Fraud or Garda Investigations.
Can I request a ticket cancellation by e-mail?
In the event you require assistance regarding a booking amendment or ticket cancellation, please email us on info@movies-at.ie (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or contact us through Facebook or Twitter which are both monitored regularly. Alternatively, please visit us in store two hours prior to the feature commencing where we will refund your tickets.
Why is there a booking fee?
The non-refundable booking fee for Internet and Telephone bookings is applied because we offer the facility to pre-book and guarantee your tickets, this is a service warranting an additional fee. This is standard in the leisure / entertainment industry, e.g. when you book concert or theatre tickets you are charged a booking fee. The fee is detailed when the booking is requested and while you still have the opportunity to cancel your transaction.
What does the film certificate mean?
The film certificate is a legislation in place for customers regarding the suitability of a feature for themselves or their families.
G (General) the film should be suitable for children of school going age.
PG (Parental Guidance) the film may be watched by young children who are accompanied by an adult. Please note, that elements of a PG feature may be unsettling for young children.
12A, no person under the age of 12 may attend the film unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian aged 18 and over.
15A, no person under the age of 15 may attend the film unless they are accompanied by a guardian aged 18 and over.
16, strictly for persons aged 16 or over. Children under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the screen regardless of whether they are accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.
18, strictly for persons aged 18 or over. Children under the age of 18 will not be admitted to the screen regardless of whether they are accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.
Please note that in some cases proof of age may be required for admittance for films rated 12A, 15A, 16 or 18.
For more detailed information on film classification please visit the IFCO website; here
Here at Movies@ the safety of our customers is our primary concern. To all our customers who are parents, we know that you will join with us in acknowledging the extra importance of the safety of our children.
To this end, we wish to advise you that all children must be accompanied by an adult if they are below the certified age of the film they are attending as per the age certificates set by IFCO, outlined above.
We also strongly recommend that children under 12 years of age are accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.
Where we become aware of an underage child left unsupervised in one of our screens, we will bring them to the lobby area and contact their parents.  In the event that a parent cannot be contacted we will notify the Gardai.*
We stress that these measures are to ensure the safety of our children.
*The same procedures will apply to an unaccompanied child watching a film which would not be considered age appropriate under the IFCO guidelines.
What different types of tickets do you offer?
Please click here for more information.
Do I require ID to purchase a cinema ticket?
Photo ID may be required for features rated 12A, 15A, 16 or 18. Student tickets may be purchased by any person in third level education, a valid photographic third level student ID will be required upon admittance. Photo identification may be required to avail of concession rate for Senior tickets. Failure to provide valid identification when requested will result in the refunding of your tickets and/or refusal of admission.
In addition a carer providing assistance to a customer with a disability will require suitable ID in order to be offered a complimentary ticket.  For further detail see our Terms and Conditions.


How long before my movie do I need to give notice if I wish to cancel my tickets?
Due to the nature of our business we can only offer ticket cancellations/refunds up to 2 hours prior to the show beginning. No correspondence will be entered into after this time.
What is "The Mezz" that I keep hearing about?
The Mezz is a luxurious seating area at the back of our largest screen; Screen 1 or in our exclusive VIP Screen 02. In both screens sit back and relax in our extra-large leather seats. click here for more details.
How do I know what films are showing in The Mezz and how do I book it?
For information of showings in our Mezz screens please follow the link provided: The Mezz
How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
When booking online you will receive an email to confirm your booking. Please ensure you provide the correct email address to prevent confusion. If booking via our booking line you will receive a unique Collection Reference number which it is advised you take note of, as it's required for the ticket collection. 
Where can I collect my tickets from?
Tickets can be collected from any till point in the building or from our Automatic Ticket Machines. In order to collect your tickets the Collection Reference number has to be used. Please note, that tickets can be collected at till points when purchasing food, this will prevent double queuing. If your booking contains a student ticket, please provide your valid third level photographic ID when requested.
I'm only 15, why do I have to pay an adult price?
Customers who are aged 15 and over are classified as adults for the purposes of the mandatory conditions on the exhibition of films relating to the protection of children from harm as contained in the Licensing Act 2003.
Can I bring a baby into a film? Do I have to pay for them?
Should you wish to bring your baby to a screening please be advised that we have a 'Reel Parent' screening every Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Please click click here for more information on our 'Reel Parents' screenings. However, we try to accommodate babies in Movies@Cinemas. Please note, babies will only be admitted into G, PG, 12A and 15A certificates. We ask you to respect other customer's enjoyment of the film and in the event your baby becomes distressed we ask you to leave the screen. Should we receive notification that customers are becoming disturbed due to your child's distress you may be asked to leave the screen. For a baby which will be in your arms or on your lap, there is no charge. However, should your child require a seat there will be a charge of a child ticket.
I think I may have lost an item in the cinema, what do I do?
In the event you feel you have lost an item on our premises please visit us in store and request to speak to a supervisor or manager. Movies@Cinemas assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any personal belongings left unattended on our premises and for loss, under any circumstances.

Do you allow the use of electronic cigarettes? 

We do not allow the use of electronic cigarettes in our screens as they are a distraction to other customers. 

What is Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode?

Verified by Visa and MaterCard Securecode protects your credit & debit cards against unauthorised use when you shop online at participating retailers. If you make a purchase in a shop, you enter a PIN number or sign a receipt to validate the transaction. With Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode this process is mimicked by providing a digital receipt that you sign off with your own personal password. Verified by Visa is the service provided by Visa for Visa credit or debit cards (Visa debit).MasterCard SecureCode SecureCode is the service provided by MasterCard for Mastercard credit or debit cards (Maestro). 
You can sign up to verified by Visa through the Visa website: http://www.visa.ie/products/benefits/verified-by-visa/


All start/intermission and finish times are approximate, delays can be experienced and some level of audio and visual interference can be an unforeseen possibility. Where/If advised by the broadcaster of possible issues we will alert the audience accordingly.



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