BayWatch Review

It seemed inevitable that we would see a Baywatch movie at some stage. The only surprise really was the fact that it took 17 years after the one time number one show on TV received the big screen treatment. Baywatch was directed by Seth Gordon and Written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, The Movie was shot in Miami Florida and Savannah Georgia and stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and former Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra who is tipped to be a future Bond girl.

The story follows the same characters that most of us will remember from the TV series with The Rock taking the role of Mitch Buchannon which was formally played by David Hasselhoff in the 90’s, Zac Efron plays the part of bad boy Matt Brody.

Baywatch head life guard Mitch Buchannon is holding the annual trails for the Baywatch recruitment. When former Olympic gold medallist Brody turned up he assumes his reputation should automatically get him a place on the Baywatch team, Mitch is not happy with this and makes him complete the trails and earn his place. This causes some friction between the two. Brody takes a cavalier attitude to his role on the team which almost cost him his life during a rescue. The movie takes a slight turn from its attempt at constants jokes after that as the team begin an investigation after finding a dead movie under very mysterious circumstances.

Baywatch tries very hard to be funny, sometimes maybe a bit too hard as a lot of the humour doesn’t seem to land, saying that there are lots of funny moments that are sure to cause some laughs with audiences. The movie is almost 2 hours which seems a little long for movie that didn’t have any real direction. If you’re looking for a funny easy watching movie that will not require too much of your concentration, then Baywatch is certainly worth watching.  Look out for some short cameos from a couple of the original cast members.

Rating 3/5