Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Review

This franchise is returning for the fourth instalment with an entirely new cast. Usually that would indicate a reboot but not in this case as Diary of a wimpy Kid The Long Hall continues on from the last movie “Dog Days” which was released back in 2012.The 5 year time lapse being the reason for the new cast as most of the previous cast would now be too old or too big too play there parts. Jason Drucker and Owen Asztalos portray Greg and Rowley, David Bowers returns as the director in this his 3rd  time in the director’s chair for the franchise. Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scott portray Greg’s parents Susan and Frank.

This time we see the family taking a road trip to visit their grandma for her 90th birthday. Not all the family are happy with these plans with Mom Susan being the only one enthusiastic about the trip. The family are less impressed with the trip when they hear Mom family bonding idea of making the trip unplugged by turning off all Phones, Tablets etc. Of course the road trip with not go smoothly as the family experience a number of setbacks and interruptions along the way.

This Movie is most definitely focused towards Children more than adults as the slapstick humour keeps coming throughout the movie and will keep the little ones well amused while adults may be rolling their eyes a little. The newly formed cast do actually bare a good resemblance to the original cast with the exception of maybe Alicia Silverstone’s character Susan. The typical road movie format of the past is practically followed to the letter which isn’t really a negative as it is done quite well which help the movie to maintain an original feel. This is definitely one that will be popular as there are lots of fan of the book series that will be eager to see the next instalment on the big screen.