How to Save the Immortal


After centuries of trying to find a bride, Drybone the Immortal is disappointed in the idea of true love and makes a firm decision to live solitary in his solemn castle beyond the thirtieth kingdom.  Threatened by horrible underworld sorceress Mara, he finds himself in a trap plotted by evil Punch and his ally King Lentil and must kidnap the warrior girl Barbara the Brave. Suddenly Drybone realizes that even endless life would be empty without Barbara’s love. Who will save him from the enemies planning to steal his immortality when he can only think how to win her heart?

  • Release Date: 27/10/2023
  • Running Time: 76 minutes
  • Director: Roman Artemyev,
  • Cast: Ekaterina Tarasova, Viktor Dobronravov, Vladimir Sychyov,


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