[Subtitled] The Wandering Earth II


A universal apocalyptic Sci-fi that breaks the geographical and linguistic wall

See the prequel of The Wandering Earth the record-breaking sci-fi blockbuster voted as the most anticipated film on main film sites by audiences.

In the near future the sun is rapidly expanding and will engulf the earth within 100 years To ensure the survival of humankind, nations join hands to form an unprecedented, ambitious global project to build powerful engines on the earth’s surface and propel the planet away from impending doom Meanwhile, protests have broken out to demand the restart of the controversial Digital Life Project, which digitalises human beings after they have passed Tensions soon escalate and the protestors plan to sabotage the Wandering Earth Project by attacking the Ark Space Station

  • Release Date: 27/01/2023
  • Running Time: 173 minutes
  • Director: Frant Gwo,
  • Cast: Andy Lau, Jing Wu, Zina Blahusova,


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