All patrons over age 18 attending our cinemas must be fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 within the previous 6 months.
Every member of your party aged 18+ must bring their EU COVID Certificate along with ID and present on request when attending the cinema.

Safe Cinema FAQ’s

  • What is Customer Vaccine Declaration?

    Customer Vaccine Declaration – Before a customer can pay for their purchase, they must declare that all members of their party, over the age of 18, are fully vaccinated (or recovered from COVID-19). Every member must bring their EU COVID Certificate along with ID and present on request when attending the cinema.

  • I am vaccinated but one of my group is not. Can we still attend the cinema?

    Each member of your party aged 18 or over must hold a valid EU COVID Certificate.  One Certificate will not work for the entire party.

  • What procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety of customers and staff?

    In order to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff, we have implemented new procedures throughout our cinemas.  We have positioned sanitizer stations at the entrance to each cinema and throughout the buildings.  Extra cleaning procedures have been added to the daily cleaning procedures.  Perspex safety guards have been introduced at all concessions stands.  We advise that customers pre-book their tickets and food.  Signs have been placed at the entrances and throughout each cinema building advising customers to social distance and of personal hygiene best practice.

  • Do I have to pre-book tickets or food?

    Although we advise that customers should pre-book tickets and food before arriving at the cinema we understand that this may not be possible for all customers.  For this reason, it is still possible to purchase tickets and food when you arrive at the cinema.

  • Will I still be able to purchase my favourite cinema treats?

    Yes, it will still be possible to purchase all of your favourite cinema treats.  In following with government guidelines all of our food items are hygienically prepared.  Popcorn will still be served in lidded boxes and has been hygienically pre-packed on site.  Nachos will now be served in lidded containers.  Pick n Mix can still be purchased and we require that all customers use the gloves and scoops provided.  Drinks will be served in the same way as before in cups with lids.  We only use bio compostable straws which are individually packaged and will be given out at the concession stands.

  • Will there be extra cleaning in place?

    Yes on top of our regular cleaning procedures we have increased the frequency of how often this cleaning occurs.  We have also implemented some new cleaning procedures to ensure that all areas of our cinemas are thoroughly cleaned throughout the day.  All surfaces, handrails, restrooms and screens will be repeatedly cleaned throughout the day.  The seats and cup holders in the screens will be cleaned after every show and again by our cleaning team before we open each day.  Doorstops have been introduced at each screen for when customers are entering the screen and also for when they exit so that you do not have to touch the door.  Sanitizer stations have been installed at the entrance to each cinema and throughout the buildings.

  • Do I have to wear a face mask or gloves?

    Please wear a suitable face covering when you visit our cinemas, in line with government guidelines.

    When seated in the auditorium you will be socially distanced from other guests and you may remove your face covering to enjoy food and drinks.

  • Will there be social distancing in the cinema?

    Yes, there will be social distancing throughout the cinema and in the individual screens.  All of our cinemas are clearly marked with social distancing signs to instruct you as to where to stand and also which direction to move through the cinema.  We have also implemented staggered seating in each of our cinema screens.  We ask that you follow these social distancing guidelines and the instructions from our staff who have all received training in this.

  • What is staggered seating?

    In order to protect our customers, we have implemented staggered seating in all of our screens.  This means that no matter what seat you book in the screen it will not be possible for another customer to book seats beside you. But groups, such as families and couples can be seated together. Family tickets booked together will be seated together.

  • Will booster seats still be available for my child?

    Yes, booster seats will still be available however they are no longer positioned at the front of the screen.  Booster seats are now outside each screen, should you need one we ask that you collect it as you enter the screen.  The booster seats are cleaned after every show.

  • I woke up today and feel a little unwell, is it still safe for me to go to the cinema?

    We ask that anyone who may feel unwell or is beginning to show early symptoms does not show up to the cinema.  You can contact us directly by phone or email and we can arrange to refund or swap your tickets.

If you have any question not answered here, please contact us here.

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Customer Vaccine Declaration

All customers, over the age of 18, must carry a COVID Vaccination Cert with photo identification and be prepared to present if required.

Customers under the age of 18 do not require a Vaccination Cert.