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Rosie, which was directed by Paddy Breathnach and premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, deals with one of the biggest crises tackling Ireland at present- homelessness. Sarah Greene and Moe Dunford play main parts along with Ellie O’Halloran, Ruby Dunne, Darragh McKenzie and Molly McCann, who play their four children.

The film follows a working-class family who, after being unable to keep up with rising rent prices, are left homeless when their landlord sells their house. We have to empathise with the family as mother, Rosie, tries desperately to find shelter for her family while her partner works to keep them afloat. With three of the children in school, Rosie spends her day calling hotels in order to find somewhere to stay.

Without a doubt, it is a profoundly moving, painfully topical drama that shines a light on Dublin’s homelessness crisis and how the system is failing families. An important aspect of the film is that these characters are plunged into homelessness unexpectedly. The audience can almost feel the tension and the claustrophobia in the crowded car and we can’t help but feel sorry for the family. Without a doubt, Rosie captures the stresses and pressures of homelessness in Ireland and portrays a heartbreaking image of what families are currently experiencing.

Tamara Sheehan

Rating: 4/5