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Spider-man: Homecoming Review

The Marvel cinematic universe is showing no signs of slowing down in this there sixteenth movie and second reboot of the Spiderman franchise. The film is directed by Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland as Spiderman and Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture, Robert Downey Jr does reprises his role as Tony Stark / Iron Man for this movie but doesn’t over stay his screen time as many feared he would as this is definitely a standalone Spiderman Movie. Other cast members include Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Laura Harrier as Liz.


This Movies carriers on from Tom Holland debut as Spiderman in Captain American Civil War. Tony Stark is seeing thanking him for his help and promises to call him again when the avengers need his assistance. As the months go on that call never comes and Spiderman consigns himself to stopping petty crimes around the Queens New York area.  When he comes across Tomes and almost dies things change for young Peter as the stake have just got higher with the introduction of the Vulture and his gang of criminals with secret stolen Hi-Tech alien equipment.



This Movie really is a refreshing change to the previous Spiderman movies, this time it is assumed we all know how Peter was bitten by a spider, blaming himself for Uncle Ben’s death and all that stuff. This time we join peter as he is learning to juggle his school responsibilities along with trying to become a super hero. I feel they got the balance of action and comedy just right as there are lots of one liners and references to other movies which are funny. Tom Holland is excellent as Spiderman; he brings a totally new feel to the character as Peter is portrayed as innocent and naïve. Michael Keaton as the villain of the piece also does a fine job in this very fine movie.


By Bill Tubbritt