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Wexford’s Loftus Hall & Hook Peninsula play host to ‘The Lodgers’

The internationally renowned Lofus Hall is reported to be one of the most haunted houses in all of Ireland. Visitors from far and wide flock to this infamous property every year to experience the legend that is Loftus Hall. Choosing such a venue really was an inspired decision by the production team with the majority of the filming taking place at this incredibly atmospheric and cinematic location. The Movie was also shot on location around the glorious nearby Hook Peninsula which is a beautiful part of Ireland ancient east in Co Wexford.Set in 1920’s rural Ireland ‘The Lodgers’ tells the story of Irish twins Rachel and Edward who reside in a crumbling manor on the edge of a tiny village. They have lived alone since their parents’ untimely death. Except they are not entirely alone – for they share the house with A spiritual force known only as The Lodgers. These forces have now become a permanent fixture in the basement of the property and have set some very strict rules for the twins which they expect to be followed.The Movie features a host of Irish talent both behind and in front of the camera with names such as Irish comedian Deirdre O’Kane, and Actors Moe Dunford and Roisin Murphy as well as Award winning director Brian O’Malley. The Lodgers is the perfect post card example of what we have to offer here in Ireland both talent and tourism wise. The Lodgers hits screens from February 9th and will be very interesting to see how the finished product looks on the big screen.

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