Wonder Woman 1984 Preview


The empowering DC superhero, Wonder Woman, is back in her newest movie, Wonder Woman 1984. With a star cast line including actors Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and many more. Patty Jenkins returns to direct the sequel to her hit movie Wonder Woman, which was released in 2017. 66 years after the first film was set, Wonder Woman is still youthful and fighting crime but now in the ’80s. This time Wonder Woman is faced with Maxwell Lord, who we see many times on television in the trailer. Wonder Woman reunites with lover Steve Trevor, who is back from the dead, how is this possible?We will see throughout the movie how Steve Trevor cheated death and how does he look so youthful after 66 years? In the trailer, it is shown how Steve has missed out on everything that has changed, since what appeared to be his death at the end of the previous film, as you can see by the humorous scene at the end of the trailer when he does not even know what a trash can looks like. Wonder Woman says “Nothing good is born from lies” which implies that there is secrecy and untold truths in this movie, what could they be? This movie entails action scenes that showcase Wonder Woman skills from her Amazonian upbringing, hopefully this is enough to stop this latest threat.Even though the trailer does not reveal much about the villain and what his intentions really are or even if he is part of an even more severe issue, we can still be sure of an action-packed movie with good versus evil battling it out.  You can find out if Wonder Woman and Steve save the world from greater evil when the movie comes out on October 2nd, 2020.


By- Zoe Mcloughlin